Content Warnings

I’m one of those people who intensely dislikes spoilers (even the story description on the back cover gives me headaches), but at the same time, I want to be able to accommodate the people who need to know what’s coming. This was my compromise with myself. Please see below for any relevant content warnings. If you think I’ve missed something, please send me an email through my contact page.

I’ll warn for graphic sex scenes, but I won’t warn for the existence of prominent LGBTQIA+ characters nor for the presence of profanity. Queer people don’t need a warning label, and although it’s not ubiquitous, assume that I’ll swear at least once.


The Thorns Series (in book order):

THORNS: Sexual assault, dubious consent, off-screen torture, graphic sex and violence (not widespread)

ROSE RED: Miscarriage, sexual assault of a minor, medical assault, animal death, misogyny, homophobia, infidelity, graphic sex and violence (not widespread)

BLUEBIRDS: Homophobia, infidelity, dubious consent, graphic sex and violence (not widespread)


Standalone Novels (in alphabetical order):

DEEP DOWN: Apocalypse, child death, animal death, graphic violence and body horror

DRIFT: Sexual abuse, incestuous desire, infidelity, captivity

NOCTURNE: Bullying, implied abuse, anorexic/purging behavior


Short Stories (in alphabetical order):

“Resin”: Homophobia, teen death, references to sexual behavior of a minor

“Tastes of Desperation”: Supernatural sexual coercion (adult, implied minor), consumption of strange meat and blood